Privacy Policy       

We care for our customers and visitors. We have never and will never share your personal information with any third party for their promotional purpose. We have designed a privacy policy for benefit of our visitors and to have transparency within this relationship. The statement discussed below applies to services offered through our official account and applies to our visitors and us. By us we mean .   

The privacy policy discussed and share by is for awareness among visitors and customers. It is here to inform you of the importance of transparency the website has for visitors. The general information collected is not used by the website for any other purpose. The information collected as the visitor visits the website is collected after the visitor has consciously given the consent to do so. The privacy policy has the user agreement for the visitor which is discussed below:     

What is the Privacy of customers?      

The private information of the visitor of the website or the customer is termed as the privacy of the customer. The general details filled voluntarily by the visitor in case asked for are included in the privacy. The privacy policy is extremely important for The privacy of the visitors is kept confidential and secure with the website. We are sincerely concern about the private details and personal information such as name, address, registered e-mail id, contact number, sex, age, nationality, marital status, and religious beliefs of our customers. The users of the website voluntarily share such details which are considered as their personal details. We have yet not been given an option to create an account with us, but have been encouraged to subscribe and get emails at regular intervals. Users are advised to provide details of registered address and the communication will be secure and kept private. When you visit the website, the terms and conditions are automatically applied to you.  In case of any discrepancy, you are advised not to use the website or subscribe.


How we keep Secure and safe information? is aware of the importance of privacy and will never deliberately compromise the same. We respect the trust you have shown on our website by sharing your identity. To protect and preserve the same is our top priority. At regular intervals for our internal reasons, we do collect data related to the number of site visitors and the number of subscribers. It is just for analysis and not shared with any third party or compromised against our visitors.     

Types of information collected from visitors?      

The type of information collected by us includes basic details of the visitor such as the name, mobile number, email address, registered address, etc. It is just a normal routine task for offering smooth, efficient, customized, and secure usage of the website. Through such details, we can provide customized solutions for your research or prompt the most useful information for you.  

Cookies are collected for a better user experience, from certain pages. A window will pop for the permission of the same. It is just to initiate a free flow and smooth website usage. It is a way to provide safety and security. After the user grants permission, it is allowed; it works on your system's hard drive. Later as you stop viewing the page having cookies, it stops working. It gets automatically removed and no downloading is required. You just need to grant permission and are good to go. It supports the smooth performance of certain features of the webpage.

What is the Need and usage of the information collected?      

The requirement for collecting the information can be easily understood. It is done to promote transparency about the person who is visiting the website and the best solutions for such a person. By sharing the basic details, you fulfill the basic criteria of getting customized search solutions. It makes the overall experience of visiting and searching on a website smooth and efficient. To get full access to our newsletters and better services, you need to subscribe with your email address. It will allow us to inform you about the new features, any updates or any important news related to our company. In what Circumstance's disclosure of the information is made?     

In no circumstances we will share your data or details with an unknown third party. We do use your information for certain activities related to our company such as:    

Advertisements: The social media content of our social media account may share your name and the product you have brought from us. It is just a basic detail and nobody will get access to your private details such as the mobile number and email address.  Collection of data for statistical purposes. Just an annual analysis of the number of visitors and their interested clicks on pages is collected by us. It is simply for internal reasons and is not for any other purpose.  While outsourcing few services to a third party, sharing of information is done. We enter into a legally valid agreement before sharing the information. The third-party is bound to use the information only to provide us the required service. They cannot share or hamper the information for any other purpose. We are responsible for our team and company. We do not take any responsibility for their actions with the information shared. We do not encourage such activities and will never be a party to such an act knowingly. The sole purpose of sharing information at our end is to perform marketing and promotion activities for our brand. Sharing of information is a normal routine job and nobody hampers or performs anything that will harm you. Information is used for Campaign purposes. Only the name and product purchased are shared. No further personal detail is shared. If we ever share any information, it is done after getting previous consent from the customer or visitor.   

Legal Request: We abide by all the laws applicable to our company. We encourage the third party to follow the same. We cooperate with legal issues and inquiries, as per intellectual property rights laws, various consumer protection laws, etc. We are a responsible legal entity, who will never encourage any criminal activity or defamation of any law enforcement. If in any such conditions, we are bound legally to share the personal information of a customer or visitor, we will do the same. We will intimate you about the same and will abide by the laws applicable. We will cooperate with any legal procedure or any such necessary activity that can help authorities to provide justice and enforce laws.  


Visitor’s obligation:  

You have provided your consent and have confirmed the site that while providing your information you will not in any case use, display, save, transmit, publish, upload, modify or share the information:  

  • That belongs to some other entity and you have no ownership of the same; 
  • Which can be harmful, obscene, harassing, unethical, invasion of privacy of somebody else, defamatory, pornographic, engaged in money laundering, or any other activities against the law or unlawful in a given manner at any point of time; 
  • Against rights of a minor; 
  • Unlawful or violates any law enforced; 
  • For any personal benefit of financial or non-financial manner; 
  • Against integrity or unity of our country and any inland laws; etc 
  • Containing any kind of malware encourages cyber fraud, viruses, or any program designed to do such unlawful activities. 


How does the website take the Consent from the user?     

The consent is automatically taken as soon as the visitor clicks on the page. It is considered as their consent to the privacy policy applicable to them. In the case of cookies, a message will pop and you need to grant the permission. After granting the same, you are allowing us to gather the information with your consent.   


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