About Us   

NiceDual is the brand name for the new-age electronic vehicles. It has been established in the year 2017 by Mr. Mohan Kumar G, Mr. Durga Raju K, and Mr. Durga Prasad B. The teamwork on researching electronic vehicles was time consuming and testing time as well. After conducting numerous surveys at ground level and knowing the actual requirement of the customer, the design of the various products was made. The main aim was to bring a unique product in the market which is economic and environment friendly. Today the company is offering a decent range of electronic vehicles. Nice Dual is providing a unique opportunity by offering the franchise and looking for expansion of the brand coverage.  

NiceDual is the dream project of the three founders since 2012. In 2017, it became a reality for the hard-working trio. The journey was long and challenging at every step. The choice of product was difficult and converting the vision into reality was tough. In this dynamic market, you have to consider all the aspects, especially while entering a monopolistic market. With the help of experts from the various fields which included engineers, accountants, technicians, financers, etc; the brand was achieved. It is all worth it as today we are certified manufactures of Nice Dual. We are offering an innovative thought with multiple benefits to our customers. The various benefits of an electronic vehicle encouraged us to make it a marketable product.    

An electronic vehicle has many benefits such as:   

  • It is an eco-friendly alternative that causes Zero Pollution.   
  • An economic option that does not gets affected by the hike in the petroleum price.   
  • No noise pollution. It is a unique feature of electronic vehicles.   
  • The owner can easily charge for a small amount of time and enjoy a long ride.   
  • Low maintenance car which is durable and reliable.  
  • Easy to drive as it has all the basic accessories to make your journey comfortable.  
  • More storage room is available and the overall experience is futuristic.  

The products offered by Nice Dual include Nice Dual Mev1, Nice Dual Mev2, Nice Dual Mev3, Nice Dual Mev4, and Nice Dual SEV 100. The products are well tested and certified to run on Indian roads.    

After-sale services offered by Nice Dual include two-wheeler's electric conversion kits, Three-wheeler's conversion kits, four-wheeler's conversion kits, two-wheeler's hybrid kits, spares replacement, repairs & service.   

The vision of the brand is to provide an economic and sustainable solution for future generations. The mission of the brand is to encourage electronic vehicle usage by offering franchises in every part of our country.   

We aim to provide our customers with an eco-friendly travel partner and offer after-sale services to keep their journey smooth. For further enquire you can contact us on our contact us details.   

Email: nicedual.service@gmail.com,     

Contact Number: 9100870125, 9100850125, 9100830125.   


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